It is in all of us

Out in the water

This week is almost over and I am looking forward to finally coming to visit you dear friends. Thank you for your patience and for taking the time to still visit 🙂


  1. Anyes,
    Your photo reminds me of my old surfing days. Thank you. I also love the quotation. We are all unique and have something very special to offer the world. The weekend is here. Hope you enjoy it. {{{hugs]}} Kozo


      1. Haven’t surfed in a few years now. Last trip to Nicaragua was a wake up call to how distanced I was to the sport. One day, I’ll show you the surfing documentary I made.

        Enjoy Spring, my friend.
        {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

        My 5 year old just started soccer and he loves it. It reminds me of the photos of your dear son.


        1. Kozo, I’d love to see more of your surfing days, when you are ready to share…

          Soccer is a national sport in France and I am so happy that it is slowly making its way here in North America. I hope your son will love the game and you will enjoy many soccer seasons the way we do here 🙂

          Have a wonderful week-end


  2. Reading that quote reminded me that what we seek is never on the is on the inside. Within each of us is the Universe as we are a part of the Universe (am paraphrasing that from something I read in a Paulo Coelho’s book..hehe). Lovely shot too!


  3. Busy week? Those can be exhilerating or exhausting – or both. Love this picture – the sunlight and the water are inviting. And the quote reminds me of a favorite of mine, that what lie before us and what lie behind us are nothing compared to what lies within us. Happy Weekend!


  4. Wonderful photo, but it looks cold in the water … his feet must be numb.
    You’re welcome when ever you feel for it .. no rush. Have a pleasant weekend.


          1. It’s easy to be a Canadian by heart … a fantastic country that has got most things right.
            Where in France did you grew up??? I love the Atlantic cost of France.


  5. So hard to remember this sometimes. Thanks for a beautiful vision and post… I’ve followed you over from blogger. Thinking of doing the same myself, but haven’t found wordpress as easy to post on and clutter up as well…


  6. Sometimes it is an amazing feeling to realize how quickly a week has flown and sometimes it is a great feeling to know we’ve been that busy, that occupied…unless of course it was something unpleasant that kept us busy! I love this quote — I’ve always been fond of Joseph Campbell’s insight and wisdom. Happy weekend Anyes! xo


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