I know it in my heart

Lion's Gate

I know it in my heart…

The path I have been trying to find all these years is getting clearer and clearer, I just have to keep going. The hours I am now filling up with creative endeavour will seem like seconds once I get close to them. There is so much I want to do and I am feeling as if running behind a fast-moving train.

I will have to find the time to wash my spirit clean so I can tackle what I want/need to do. Walking in the rain might be exactly what I need, even if my camera stays home.

Do you feel the same dear friend? Do you have this week-end bursting at the seams? or will this one be a quiet one?


  1. My spirit is a bit messed up just now – with drugs and just feed up in general, it has been a rough start on my week. Maybe I should clean my mind and soul with … music. *smile – doing it just now while writing to you. Feels better already. Have to look after myself better *smile – a truly beautiful post.


  2. Washing the spirit clean is such a refreshing thought isn’t it? I know this now…I was like you, thinking there was somewhere I needed to be, to get to, to achieve, to attain…that once I saw that and reached it I would somehow be “whole” and cleansed. Now…I realize that there is no place to get to — that life is always moving, shifting, changing and as we move through it, so too are we. And what would happen…if we did reach that “place”…what more would we have to look forward to, to achieve to stretch towards? xoxo


  3. So much to do…yet at times I just don’t do much! My weekends are a little strange. It starts on Sunday…it ends Monday evening only to start again on Tuesday and go on to Wednesday! Today (Monday) I watched TWO movies..and they were awesome movies!!!!! Well, I thought so..
    I love mountains…not to climb them but to stand at a close distance and look up at their majesty..in awe.


  4. thank you Anyes, the mountains is beautiful just like here. it have been almost three years I have been wash my spirit with the pure nature and environment. I am in love with forest, tree, mountains, river.. This place fresh my heart. 🙂


  5. What brilliant advice. So very true.
    Today is a quiet one – I did too much in the garden (and a little in the house) yesterday and am paying for it. Still lots more to be done though.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend – and look after yourself (physically and emotionally).


  6. Very busy one, Anyes. Working in an office on Sunday morning, grocery shopping Sunday afternoon, but this morning I woke up indulgently late (7:30), am lingering over a cappucinno and reading posts from bed, then working out and going to Portland tonight for a blues concert – Joe Bonamassa. Tickets I bought last November. Am so excited!


  7. I am writing today, a lot on the desk, AtoZ and the novel… If the clouds stay clear I will take a long walk tomorrow, with the old Nikon… Following your posts. I am at ofglassandpaper.com 🙂


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