16 comments on “Do you feel the same?

  1. Oh I do feel that way quite often. But then there are other days when I’m accepting of the time that is given so I do my best to make all the moments count and at the end of the day say “it was a good one”, no matter what I did or did not do. xo


  2. Sometimes I do…but now ..I try to tell myself that it is okay…because we will do what we are meant to do..so it’s fine not to want to do everything! Does that make sense?


  3. There are days when I feel exactly like that. Thankfully, there are also days when I feel the opposite, when I have filled the day to the brim and feel happy and content when I go to bed.


  4. i always thought my mother was crazy when she talked about “how fast it all went.” now, i just don’t think about it at all! enough is really enough…most of the time 🙂


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