Weekly Photo challenge: Change


Lately lots of changes have been coming my way and I was struggling a bit to find my balance. Slowly getting my footing back having accepted that change is the only constant in life.

Tell me dear friend, how do you deal with change when it knocks at your door?


  1. Hello Anyes, peu de commentaires de ma part chez toi ces jours, pourtant, j’essaie de suivre tes billets qui me font toujours une halte agréable dans ma journée. Pourtant, lire en anglais me demande un effort et je ne comprends pas toujours tout : donc plus de temps et j’en manque cruellement ces jours. Je vole 10 minutes par ci par là… Mais ces quelques lignes pour te dire que je te suis et que j’apprécie toujours tes billets! Amitiés


  2. My initial re-action is the desire to screech “not another change!” But, for better or worse, one must accept change or stand still and not move forward. That is NOT good. Bless you as you move forward!


  3. I guess for me it depends on the change. I’m still dealing with the change in my life since my father’s death and it isn’t at all easy. But I dealt with my children leaving home very differently than I anticipated. I thought I would moan and groan and cry and gnash my teeth, and though I did cry, I was surprised by the feeling of lightness, and how much I wanted to have **x with my husband all the time! That was a total surprise! Little changes in daily life I seem to take as they come, even if I complain about it sometimes. It’s the big ones that always catch me by surprise, good or bad, and make me deal with them however it seems fitting to do at the time. Somehow it never feels the same way twice.


  4. we all love change when its good , not the other way round , so the best way is always be ready, nothing is permanent , & be flexible to adjust & try to see good if possible ….
    & keep believing …


  5. I used to want to run away and hide from change…I found it unsettling. That was then…after I had been through so much change in a short period of time and thought “please I can’t do this anymore” — I felt like I was being punished. When I was far enough away from that period in time to be able to see it more clearly, I realized how positive and how good for me all that change was. Now, over the last 8 years I see change as a constant and a necessary and that we can’t stop it from happening — whether it is something outside of us that creates that change or choices/decisions that we make — we can only learn to pick up our paddles and row. xo


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