1. Hmm…no I don’t think so Anyes..though at a deeper level, though we are “separate” souls we are still a part of a oneness. A Oneness with the Divine and with each other. In that sense that yes. We are all are one with each other 🙂


  2. I echo Alison, but I would add that love is infinite souls that make ups one body. This was such an amazing post, Anyes. Look at the responses. You, my dear, are love. {{{hugs}}} Kozo


  3. I am a romantic but don’t think of a divided soul inhabiting more than one body. Perhaps complimentary souls – which can add to the joy of one than one other person. I am thinking jig-saw pieces…


  4. I think it’s a good start, but I don’t think we should give up our soul for another person .. we need our soul to be developed … and forever ??? I think it’s so easier to stay forever friends .. than forever lovers.


  5. I like Alison’s thought above.

    If one believes we are all from a single energy source, then we are all made of each other, including the trees, the air, the animals, each other… Loving anyone or anything is loving all in our Oneness.

    Having said that… I believe strongly in the autonomy of spirit and soul. The strongest loves are when we respect each other and complement each other, yet know that we are whole and complete and perfect as we are.

    (I wrote to this in my second most recent post (words for the weekend: love possesses not), and shared a poem by Silverstein… You may like it if you get some time to read.)

    Happy Friday!


  6. Today I would say no, I don’t believe that because I love so many people in so many ways. Now, on another day I might say “yes, that’s so true!” — as for being a hopeless romantic? I think there’s nothing wrong with that at all! xo


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