Candle Light

Candle Lights

It took a bit longer than I expected, and finally two weeks ago I registered myself with a friend to my first yoga class. It’s a candle light class and much to my surprise and to my delight, I am loving it.

Oooommmm…Take a deep breath….Exhale…
The instructor’s voice is coming from far away as I am already in another world. Eyes closed attentive to her instructions, I slowly drift within. The poses she gives us are simple even if some are quite challenging to maintain for my stiff body. I am reminded that it has been years that I have not done any physical exercise, and I take it slowly…very slowly

I try my best to follow her instructions, sneaking a peek to be sure I am doing what’s requested. The room is small and in front of our mat we each have an electrical light, flickering in the somewhat obscured room. The blinds have been drawn helping creating this relaxing mood that fits the class perfectly. It also helps me evade the daily pressures as I forget everything, being just in the moment.

Some of the words she uses like Asana are foreign to me, yet I love the sounds of them. I get transported in another world where I pay attention to my body and to what IT feels. In that hour spent stretching, breathing and meditating I feel rejuvenated and better equipped to face the stresses that come my way. The past two weeks have been quite challenging on many levels and having this peaceful haven in my weekly schedule is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Funny enough, the last time I was there during one of the poses, I got the strangest flashback of doing exactly the same thing with my mother back when I was a teenager. Interesting how doing yoga brought back a memory from my childhood I had totally forgotten. In a very strange way I feel I am reconnecting with my mother, and it brings a smile to my heart.

Tell me dear friends, any experiences, you’d care to share here about yoga?




  1. I tried yoga once many years ago but then stopped. Right now I want to concentrate on learning to meditate. 🙂 I’m gad you find yoga so beneficial for you! That will be my next step..I don’t know when though! LOL


  2. Yoga, I wish it was something for me .. but I can’t agree with it. I’m much better of with my favorite Mozart piece in the earphones .. and just lay down on the floor … and float away with the music. You describe you moment so wonderful … it’s like I see you and the room in front of me.
    You have changed your layout … of your website a bit … or ???


  3. Now this sounds like a yoga experience I would like. The candles and ambient lighting? Oh the mood…it would relax me and put me in a place where I would feel at peace. I’m so glad that you are doing this Anyes and that it is working for you. The memory flood of doing a yoga pose with your mother? That’s such a bonus and it seems to me that you are opening channels. I wonder if there’s a class like that here…going to look into it!


  4. I used to do yoga with my mother as well when I was very young. I loved hearing that memory of yours. I’ve done it sporadically over the years until just recently. I do it twice a week now and have found that the instructor plays a huge part in my enjoyment or not, of it. I would love to do a candle light session, sounds wonderful! I love yoga for the reasons you stated, it helps me be more mindful of my body and its needs even when I’m not doing it. My favorite instructor/teacher happens to live just down the road from me, and there is an organic herb farm about 20 miles from my home where we can practice in beauty and nature. I am blessed to have these opportunities and try to take advantage of them. Thanks for sharing this post. It was nice to sit and think about how I feel about yoga.


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