In the blink of an eye

Between the clouds

Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life! 
Albert Einstein

We left on Friday evening and went to visit our family South of the border in Seattle. Conversations lasting well into the night, family breakfasts around a table filled with goodies and group therapy  shopping. Those are only some of the ingredients that gave us a week-end that felt as if it only lasted for the blink of an eye.

Another week is starting and looking back I wish I knew how to slow down time so the next time we’d visit I’d make it last for at least a whole week 😉

Tell me dear friend, what did you do this week-end? family time? work? a bit of both? I’m curious please tell me 🙂



  1. Toujours beaucoup de famille, puisque ma mère âgée habite près de chez moi depuis quelques temps… Mais aussi, les amis pour un repas, une balade en forêt, de l ‘ordinateur et de la musique… La vie quoi!


  2. Your weekend sounded wonderful…and the expression about time flying when you are having fun is so true, isn’t it? My weekend was quiet for me but busy for my husband who drove to Ottawa and moved most of the furniture out of our son’s apartment (he finishes there on Wednesday and I will go and pick him up on Thursday with the remainder of this things) back here and then on Sunday he took the other son to his apartment in Hamilton and moved him from one room in the house he lives in to another and brought back more of his necessary things for his use here over the summer. I did some reading and some napping and some laundry. Completely unexciting and dull but then much of life is like that, isn’t it? xo


  3. We spent the last day of a short vacation enjoying the sunshine, spending time together and with a friend. It was beautiful. I understand that sorrow you have for time that passes too quickly.


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