A bit of rain

Rain drops

Wishing you a week-end filled with joy and sunshine



  1. Thank you so much …. we had a fantastic weekend so fare … sunshine and warm, so the spring has really taken off now. Love your photo .. our farmers want rain now when the earth has got all it’s seeds .. we have hardly had any rain for a whole months, even if it hasn’t been warm. Delicate photo.


          1. Yes, the most warm rain I been out in … was in New Orleans … but it wasn’t fine or soft … it was heavy, so heavy that traffic had to stop. Amazing – nearly everyone took their shoes of … walked barefoot in the rain.
            But it was so nice and warm, but extremely WET!
            When it rains in NOLA – it truly rains.


          2. New Orleans is New Orleans … it has calories in the air … but it’s very touristy – I enjoyed it very much, but …. I can’t say I feel in love with NOLA. If I would go back, maybe …


  2. So far I’ve got the sunshine and the joy….AND…I’ve joined you as a blogger here at wordpress…finally!! 😉


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