In life, you always get what you ask for
and it rarely comes in the package
you think it’s suppose to come in.
Ashley Kurek

Clouds on the Horizon

Looking outside my bedroom window, I see the beauty of this cloudy sky hiding within itself the sun I am longing for. On the sidelines of my own life there are so many questions I wish I had the answers to. I realize patience is the only tool I need right now even if it is becoming increasingly difficult to just be.

I am realizing yoga came into my life to reminding me to learn not to jump to far ahead into the future no matter how tempting it is at this moment. So here I am watching and waiting, knowing the sun will eventually shine again even if right now it is hidden behind dark clouds and grey skies.

I am trying to catch up with my commenting on your blogs dear friends and I have to confess it is not happening as fast as I thought it would :/



  1. Patience is indeed a virtue…. 🙂 It seems that your waiting paid off too…I’m catching up on your posts from the latest back down….and you’ve been putting up some of the most beautiful colourful pictures! 🙂


  2. Don’t worry about answering everyone, especially when you have so many “talking” to you! Or do group responses! We are here because we love what you write not because we “need” a response from you every time, though I must say it is wonderful when you do! Think of the saying, “No worries!” Let us be your sunshine until the real one comes out…


  3. It really is like that — patience taking it’s time to make itself a “home” within our souls but we don’t want to “wait” and the whole thing makes me laugh…like saying “please Lord hurry up and grant me patience”….going slowly, everything does happen as it’s meant to — and I too find it hard to “wait”!


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