May? Already…

Spring treasures

Green one of my favourite colour is finally dressing up the naked branches of the trees in my neighbourhood, and the sky-high above is reminding me of how good it looks in its light shade of blue. Colours sprouting everywhere are giving the whole city a dashing make-over, and it is about time…

May is just starting and from the looks of it we might be in for a treat…Nice don’t you think?


  1. Rainer Maria’s words, and your words – both wonderful. Good to hear spring has come to your part of the world. Stunning photograph – such beauty. Thank you.


  2. I am both happy and sad May is here. Happy because we are far ahead of you when it comes to everything bursting with leaf and flower, happy because we have a lovely French girl child/young woman coming to stay with us for the summer, sad because we will have my father’s memorial on the 25th of this month. He passed in February. I think we put it off with the thought that it means he isn’t totally gone yet if we haven’t had it. However, his passing has sparked a wave of creativity in me. I’m making “memory” quilts out of all his clothes for my sister and me. She doesn’t know and I will present hers to her at the memorial service. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons… Lisa (ps didn’t realize I didn’t have my real name on my profile!)


    • Oh Lisa, I am so sorry for your loss

      I admire you for doing all this work with your father’s clothing. What a beautiful and heartfelt present for your sister.I am hoping you will have he best time with this young French woman coming over to your place…This is going to be very exciting.

      Fall and Spring are also my favourite season and I am glad I got to finally know your name 🙂


  3. I’m loving your words and your description of May in springtime…I’m excited for May — a month I have always loved!


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