Trying to breathe

Piercing through

Being able to breathe has always been something I have taken for granted. However lately I have become very aware of how shallow my breathing is. This past month was very emotionally charged on several levels. It brought lots of stress under which, I have noticed, I tend to hold my breath to the point of being uncomfortable. It is an unconscious move as I only become aware of it when the unease starts, at which point I start breathing again.

Thankfully, since the beginning of April I have been practicing yoga. I am also listening to my soft guided meditation, the one that puts me to sleep each and every night. Both exercises have made me acutely aware of my breathing and I am finding myself trying to correct it when I can.

It find it fascinating that at the very moment I needed to learn new ways to improve myself, the tools I needed where given to me.



  1. And it is wonderful that you are open enough to realize that you have been given those tools! I too find myself holding my breath or breathing shallow breaths….and I have to consciously breathe in deeply and exhale out slowly. I want to come to a point when I may always conscious of my breathing and to relax my shoulders too! I know I tense them too much!!


  2. what a blessing that you can meditate…..i have such a hard time doing that 😦 and taking our breathing for granted…well, we do and we shouldn’t.


  3. It find it fascinating that at the very moment I needed to learn new ways to improve myself, the tools I needed where given to me.

    Amen. I, too, experience the same. Some times I push and push to hard to do, to have to try to figure something out. When I let go. Trust the process and the Source, I get what I need, when I need it. Very cool what you do here. Thanks for visiting me today. You made my day. Namaste.


  4. I’ve found that it’s hard to breathe correctly, deeply when we’re told all the time to hold our tummies in for looks sake. I practice yoga regularly and have found that the breathing techniques now bleed into my day to day routines and I love it. Breathing is so centering. It brings me home. Last year when my daughter was having panic attacks, she couldn’t breathe through them and since I wasn’t with her (she’s in Ohio, I’m in Georgia) all I could do was advise that she concentrate on how she breathed, not only during the attack, but every day no matter what she was doing. After a few months of these attacks, she finally worked through them (and the issues causing them) and now pays attention to her breath, her body and her state of mind. They don’t call it the “Breath of Life” for nothing!


    1. Oh Lisa what a beautiful story and so inspiring. Panic attacks are so debilitating and I am so glad you were able to help your daughter even if long distance by reminding her about her breathing.
      Breath of Life is the right name indeed and we often take it for granted…


  5. For me …. music and dance … helps me to breathe. So glad that you’re feeling so much better, because … we need breathe all the time. *smile Have a fantastic weekend. Love your photo – the sun coming over the roof … light ahead.


  6. I tend to hold my breath too — even when I’m not upset or stressed. On a deeper level I believe I’m afraid to breathe too deeply – because of how vulnerable that will make me. Take heart though — I am doing something constructive about that! xo


  7. learning to control our breathing is healthy for sure…there are many things we do involuntary until we notice…i imagine the yoga will be good for you in that regard…and in all the stress it is very good to breathe…


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