A slice of beauty

Slice of beauty

Tweeting birds building their nest, buzzing bees all around me are telling me Spring is in full swing. The heat on my skin feels like a calming balm to my soul while the sun’s kiss awakes all my senses. This soft feeling of joy slowly creeping back in my heart makes me smile and it feels right.

More than anything the blue colour of the sky is what ย I have truly missed all those Winter months and having it here once more fills me with delight. I’m going outside filling my camera’s viewfinder with photographs that will warm up my soul should the rains come back sooner than anticipated…

Tell me dearย friend, what’s your plan for this Sunday?


  1. Open this a bit too late, but your post is still lovely – my sunday was full of sunshine … and I spent most of it with my mum and I took a long evening walk … and walked by the ocean. Stunning … today back to hospital with mum’s eye problem. It drains us both.


  2. Spring is a lovely time of year, although my own favorite season is autumn. We spent today outdoors as well! Lounging and reading, my two favorite things to do! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. just got back from the lake actually…was nice…a family reunion of sorts with some family i had not seen in years….now i am tired…ha…enjoy spring…


  4. Happy spring Anyes! Can’t wait to see what you capture today. I’m spending my day in the garden, then celebrating Cinco de Mayo tonight with a big margarita!


  5. Lunch with friends later today and then maybe a walk in the park, camera in hand…that is what I think I’ll do today. Hope your day is full of joy, Anyes.


  6. I have to agree with you Anyes about the blue of the sky. Aside from the sunshine which I love — that sky, those blues it can be on any given day — I find myself consistently drawn to “looking up”. Enjoy your camera day! xo


    • There is apparently new scientific research that proves that the blue of a sunny sky is the exact colour people crave. This exact colour raises the levels of Dopamin within us, creating a natural high of sorts…I know it always works for me especially after long, gray and rainy Winter months ๐Ÿ™‚ xo


  7. Morning A, my Sunday ritual is to brew myself coffee in my French Press, sit alone in my living room listening to meditation music and read favorite blogs. When I blogged I’d post poetry on Sundays. I’m enjoying my Sunday ritual and I feel good. I feel right in this space with you. Be well.


    • Sunday morning coffees are tasting even better than the everyday mug I prepare myself every morning, before going to work. I guess it’s because I get to enjoy them peacefully on my sofa ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Your words are so sweet LaTonya and I am so glad you enjoy coming here ๐Ÿ™‚


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