Flying miracles


Amongst the unexpected gifts from the sudden onset of heat this week-end was the repeated visits from of my favourite and littlest feathered friends. Having always been quite curious about their marvelous flying abilities, I was quite excited when one of them, decided to stay on the branches of this dead tree, long enough for me to capture it in my viewfinder.

Our neighbour from across the garden has a hummingbird feeder on his balcony and this helped increase the visits of those tiny flying miracles in our backyard.

Hummingbirds are such astonishing creatures to observe and I felt so lucky to be able to observe him/her this week-end. I hope it’s the beginning of a beautifulย friendshipย ๐Ÿ˜‰



  1. I have a shrimp plant outside my window which entices them and they come more often than when we didn’t have it! I love them. In French they are called “oiseau-mouche” Bird Fly’s ! I love the noise their wings make when they come near…


  2. Here in Mexico we are staying in a place with a beautiful lush garden and see hummers just about every other day. One day one of them sat still long enough for me to get a shot, but they’re so fast I’d never get one flying. How wonderful for you that they’ve returned to Van – Spring has sprung!


  3. I was never a “bird person”. My great grandmother had a budgie and we “baby sat” it from time to time…I just thought it was “messy”. My mother worked in a kindergarten for years and on holidays would bring home the budgie from the classroom…another “messy” visitor. I paid neither of these birds any attention but cleaned the cage when asked. And what do you think those birds learned to say while in my presence? MY NAME!! lol!!! Now of course I am more in tune with birds…we had a robin make a nest right outside our front door a few years ago and it was so awakening to watch the life process. I had a hawk land in the tree outside the front of our house a few months ago and a hawk is rare in this area. And I stand so still in order to watch them and hopefully capture photographs. May you have a wonderful experience with your birds this year! xo


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