Do you agree?

Light on Flower

So much truth in these words, don’t you think dear friend?



  1. I don’t know. I would hope not, but then when reading these words they make one stop and question. I have heard this message before and think perhaps I don’t want to see the truth in it. So, of course, that means I must pay attention to why, which in itself means I need to hear these words.


  2. Yes, I agree…too often we are afraid to be who we are and share that with the world so we keep ourselves under a bushel basket , not because we’re not good enough, but because we can’t conceive of what we really might be to the world. Oh wow…it’s too early for me to be this profound!!! 😉


  3. Yes, I do agree. I have seen this quote so many times, and at first just kind of brushed it off. But now at this stage of my life I can look back and see that it is and has been true for me.


  4. som extent I think I do Anyes…some times I think it could be this deep sense of unworthiness that makes us feel fearful of the power we hold within us..and sometimes I think some of us are just unaware of the power…


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