About Friendship

Roses together

If there is anything that blogging taught me apart from getting in touch with my inner-self, it is the value of friendship. The meeting of two minds that combined together form a single unity stronger and better than when they are apart.

For most of my years as a grown women I never really paid too much attention about the value of friends. Wait, let me rephrase that…I had friends and I knew a bit about them and they knew a bit about me and it was enough. My family kept me plenty busy so I never really gave it any second thoughts. I was under the impression that family was the only way to go and friends were a side bar if you will, something I never had too much time to concentrate on.

Fast forward to this moment in time and I find myself having friends I did not know I needed. Persons that are emerging in my life as if to let me know I am on the right path. Giving me the push and the nudge I need to keep me going on the days I question myself a bit too much.

The strangest of it all is that those friendships are all spread out, at work, in the blogging world, in my family life. Yet as different and eclectic as they could all appear from the outside the common thread is about letting me know I should continue believing in this dream of mine.

They are here to guide me in a very soft and gentle way and also there to kick my backside into gear. The perfect combination. Today I wanted to write about it as I feel I do not do enough to reciprocate how those persons make me feel. There is so much more I want to write and for once the words are getting scarce.

Do not despair even if it take me a bit longer than what I wish I will find a way to let each and every one of you dear friends know how important you are to me xo



  1. smiles….friends are what make life all the more special…that we get to share the road for just a bit…and maybe encourage each other along the way….smiles….hope you have a wonderday anyes


  2. Oh sweet Anyes- how I love to read your words and hear the truth in them. I know they flow straight from your heart. And truly, anything that you feel being given to you by your friends- I am certain they would say they feel from you as well.


  3. My experience is that friends ask very little of us. They are honest with us. And at times, they wait until we are ready to accept truth and ourselves. Be well.


  4. When a woman comes to the point in her life where she realizes and recognizes the value of the friends she has in her life — I see that as a sign of growth, maturity and a coming into being. I completely agree with the sentiments you express here Anyes! ❀


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