On the move

I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake.
The great affair is to move.  
Robert Louis Stevenson

Cable Car

Finishing our stay in San Francisco eyes filled with wonder and hearts filled with joy. We got to experience this beautiful city the way we wanted. Taking the time to walk, to ride with the public transit system (which by the way was an amazing experience) and to follow our instincts.

I got to be reminded today that walking is my favourite sport. I could walk until the end to the earth and to be honest I feel I just did 😉

Friendly faces everywhere we went, striking conversations with strangers, learning a bit about them and enjoying our differences. Continuing our way down to the South of California I am looking forward to more amazing adventures.

Thank you for coming along dear friend 🙂



  1. Oh how I love San Fran! Before kids, it was a short and cheap flight for us and we would go on the weekends to SF, San Diego, Palm Springs, etc… oh my goodness I am so excited for you!!


  2. love to walk. I’m a walker and so happens a recent prompt was to write about vacations. Come by.

    Happy to hear you’re having a good time. Be well.


  3. Oooh. And aaah. I have a nephew, his wonderful wife and two of my great nephews in Napa so some day (perhaps) I may get to see this first hand. In the interim – thank you so much for your generosity is taking us along.


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