Mind Games

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future,
concentrate the mind on the present moment.


Wrong Way

Doing my best to remember the good times and trying to avoid the games my mind wants to play with me
The bright sun does help and the heat warms my heart. Friends and family are a godsend I am thankful for

Thank you dear friend for being patient (I know I keep saying this, I do mean it though)



  1. there is wisdom in that you know…we can not go back, nor get to the future without the now…life is challenging and things turn all we know on its head at times…take you time…will be here…smiles.


  2. A life that can be summed up in the laughter we remember, the warm hugs that made us feel special, and the tears that make us feel as good as they make us feel bad is truly a sign of how that person lived and the legacy they left all of us that they touched.


  3. You never have to thank us for our patience…life does what it is going to do – and then we have to cope, pick up the pieces and carry on — however long that takes. Sending you love ❤


  4. To lose someone that we love … isn’t easy to accept, but we have so much to take with us when we moving on … my mom died 7 weeks ago and I thought it was going to be a really tough, but it isn’t because I know she are okay now .. she rest and she needed a good rest, I think about her everyday – but when I do my heart goes all warm and cozy. My mom said that lost shouldn’t be hard on eyes and heart .. it should give us a smile when we think about a person that meant to much to us. My thoughts are with you.


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