Thankful Thursdays

Pink and Blue Skies

Somehow it seems to me there is a very long time I have not taken the time to be grateful and being that today is Thursday I am going with the flow…

Thankful for the perfect family time spent together with Lovely Husband and Darling Daughter for Sweet Son’s 13th Birthday.

Thankful for Sweet Son’s full bellied laughter while watching the latest Adam Sandler movie (the birthday boy chose the movie, no comment).

Thankful for the simple beauty I see in my everyday surroundings, reminding me I am blessed to be alive.

Thankful for the unexpected hot and sunny month of July we just had in our beautiful city of Vancouver.

Thankful for all of you dear friends who came to hold my hand in both real and virtual worlds and still do during these very trying times.


  1. It’s easy to “forget” to be thankful when we’re immersed in something that affects us so deeply. But when we come back to this, the thankfulness for the joy and the beauty and the love that is our life…we know we are coming out of the darkness and back to the light. And yes, the person with the birthday gets to choose the restaurant and/or movie here and we “go along”…you’re a good mother!! xo


  2. Happy 13th to your son! I love knowing we share kiddos so near in age… thinking of you… keeping hanging in there and know I am sending love and healing light. Gorgeous photo…


  3. I love the quote you shared with your beautiful photo! Thank you for sharing this list of blessings, as it reminds me to look for the blessings in my life, too.


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