It’s everywhere

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Opening my heart, slowly letting it guide me towards the beauty that is everywhere. This Summer light wrapping everything in a bright glow delights my tired eyes. With the help of my camera, I take baby steps in allowing myself to feel joy again

It feels right and I am thankful for it 🙂


  1. The therapy of creating art…I know it well. I lost my dad, my mom and my only sibling in a matter of a few short years. Shortly after, my husband and sons gave me a camera for Christmas and by looking through that lens I realized that there was beauty to be found, even during the darkest of days. I can’t tell you how much photography helped me through…it’s my therapy of choice! Never stop looking!


  2. Praying you find the joy in life again that you so richly deserve, Sweet Friend. Photography is healing me. My photography blog has helped in so many ways. It helps to remind me of the beauty in life. I am praying for you. Big hugs.


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