Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

Wilting Away

Standing proud and humble in their fading beauty, I love the way they make me feel.
Looking at them, my mind wanders far away to a sunny kitchen, while distant memories flood back in my heart.
Closing my eyes, I breathe in their soft perfume, all the while remembering the roses my mom used to grow.
Different roses, different times,  yet this old souvenir now freshly remembered reassures me: I have not forgotten her.


  1. Roses make me think of my grandmother who had some huge rosebushes. My mother liked flowers and always planted them, but it was her mother that loved roses.


      • I like all flowers, but my favorites are sunflowers and wildflowers. I don’t plant flowers, but I do enjoy the ones that my neighbor plants. They have some lovely yellow tea roses that are way tougher than you would think looking at them. We had a storm one night with winds over 50 m.p.h. The next morning I noticed that the roses still had most of their petals still on. Beautiful and strong!


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