The eternal quest

Path of the Soul

This burning desire to know what my purpose is, sometimes prompts me to look for answers in unusual ways. Call it coincidence, serendipity, fortune…the name does not really matter, the other day my friend gave me a set of cards. Intrigued I decided to play along (I do love cards) and to draw myself a reading. To my sheer delight the message I got was about being in a transition phase, where I have to remove the doubts about my creativity, and follow my inner whisper even when/if I do not always understand the meaning of its guidance.

Deep inside I sensed it was a matter of energy; the energy I was emitting, the powerful energy vibrating within me was sent out in the universe and in turn a message was received. Being aware and receptive to those messages is helping me open the doors to different views of myself. Something happening beyond my understanding is starting to unfold.

At this stage in my search, I feel at the edge of this beautiful path, trying to master my fear of this unknown that is calling my name. Looking back does not feel comfortable anymore and moving forward still feels quite scary, however I know it is the right way to go. I am bracing myself, closing my eyes, and letting myself take a leap of faith…

Nothing to lose and so much to discover 🙂



  1. Oh those look like beautiful cards Anyes!
    I love the way you described the reading and your experience 🙂 I’m learning to trust too…it’s hard to let go of control…isn’t it?


  2. All journeys we do … inside ourselves or by transport … or walking … take something out of us, sometime it makes us feel good – sometimes we don’t feel that good traveling .. but it also give something back. I would say you have been on a journey – and along your rough path have you now reach the point where it start to get exciting … and I hope that your path will be stay like this.


      1. Anyes, you will … do you journey, but do it your own speed. Our journey is never done .. so long as we are alive, so travel safe. *smile


  3. I can so relate to what you are saying- in ways that are completely different- the feelings I have are so similar. Transitory- waiting for the next part- but ready despite not knowing 🙂 Hugs to you sweet one- love how you encourage me so!


  4. And there is nothing wrong with being in transition. It’s a necessary step. So be with it, absorb it, don’t try and make it “be” something..allow it (and your inner self, your internal guide) to point you in the direction you are meant to go. When you listen with your heart you will truly hear what it has to tell you. Wishing you blessings on your journey forward! xo


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