Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

Open Sea

Having spent most of my childhood Summer here, I can safely say the sea cast a spell on me years ago.

This is a photograph taken this Summer while driving along the Oregon Coast and I can still feel my heart beat faster just looking at it.
How about yo dear friend, do you love the sea the way I do?



  1. I’ve grown up and lived and have a heart beat in tune with the mountains – but I love a visit to the sea. It feels oddly foreign to me – but I DO love the spell it casts. And I love the Oregon Coast. What a beautiful shot!


  2. I do love the sea!!! I still remember when I was away at college and we went to the beach, in the night. It was dark…not much light around, no moon…just the light from the lighthouse splaying its light intermittently. What I remember most was that feeling of total awe and even a little fear when we sat facing that dark sea…hearing the waves…it made me realize how truly small we can be in the vastness of the Universe…


      1. Oh most definitely I do! I remember watching Man from Atlantis when I was much younger and sometimes I wonder….how cool it would be to live underwater….like the little mermaid..hehe.


  3. I feel calm, centred and very much “at home” by the sea. It soothes my soul and gives me energy at the same time. This looks like a most beautiful spot.


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