The thrill of it all

Forest Treasures

In the beginning it’s only a soft voice suggesting I’d go walk a bit  around the park while Sweet Son is warming up for his game. Simply listening as I know this inner whisper, is always a friend to be relied upon, I start walking.  All my senses becoming alert, as the scent of the forest is beckoning. The sounds of the leaves falling from the trees all around wraps me in this mysterious world. Obeying my inner whisper, I continue on this lonely walk letting my thoughts drift away. My soul is in communion with its surroundings and I am blessed by everything nature offers on this solitary trail.

A sudden crack of the woods behind startles me. I turn around only to confirm I am indeed all alone. Feeling the need to get closer to where everyone is, I slowly go back to where I started and begin to  walk by the river. I am soothed by its sweet murmur. Fresh waters and theirs currents going about their way, and slowly as I look around me life gets a lot simpler. No more worries about what has to be done with the rest of my day, I am just enjoying the moment and being present in all of its beauty.

It was the last day of Summer and I was so lucky to have been able to enjoy it this way. How was your last Summer day dear friend?


  1. nice…love the rich textures and sounds of the season change…today we got a break in the rain from the weekend it warmed a bit and actually felt like the waning of summer…not quite fall….


  2. That’s truly is a beautiful account of your experience…it’s the simplicity of it…going for a walk in the forest…but how you perceived it…and that feeling of just being…it has taught me something…thank you 🙂


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