Upside Down

Another rainy Saturday on the soccer field; part of me wished I was home writing or reading or even doing the house chores that were left undone during the working week.
Luckily, between the deluge of rain that was falling that day, there were a few breaks in the clouds where it was possible to take several photographs.
The camera always being part of my wardrobe, I was able to capture this gorgeous drop.
Having to play around with the manual focus in order to get the photograph I was looking for, I was reminded of a lesson I need to understand better in life: the power of focus.
I always tend to be spread so thin in so many directions, I feel worn out and disoriented. I want to learn how to concentrate on one area on my life and put all my energy into it if I want to arrive to where I need to be.
Any suggestions for me dear friends? Are you struggling with this too?



  1. Beautiful shot, Anyes. It’s wonderful that the camera is now a part of your attire for the day! hehe.
    It rained here too! Last night, with thunder and lightning…a whole party last night..hehe. It was a much needed respite for us though.
    We were just talking about the focusing thing yesterday, some friends and I, and yes! I do have suggestions : Video games! I Don’t play them but it *does* help in focusing and some of them even to allow you to “go with it” , using your intuition! When you play video games you can’t be thinking of other things….see? The other of course is colouring mandalas, doing any thing that you enjoy doing with focus…but video games maybe the way to start!…just don’t get addicted to them πŸ˜›


  2. It is a beautiful photo. Focus in photography is a must for a great shot. Otherwise in life we all are spread too thin in all directions that focus on one particular thing is rather impossible. I think this is what keeps us busy and motivated and adds a lot of variety to life. I guess we are just fine.


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