Blurry at times

Blurry dream

Along the way there comes a time when the questions you ask stay unanswered and you wonder, if they were the right ones to ask. You look ahead and see nothing, the wind that was under your wings is but a faint breeze. The energy you had to pursue that dream of yours, is simply fading into the wariness of the everyday mundane. Days become weeks that turn into months…
Then, one day you lift your head up and see a blurred outline of what you wanted and you surprise yourself once more, with a sudden burst of energy. The wheels in this creative head of yours are beginning to turn again and there you are…

Keeping at it again.

So what? it goes much slower than previously anticipated, it’s still OK.

The only thing that really matters is to keep at it πŸ™‚


  1. Yup! Keeping at it. Knowing when to take a step back to allow it to unfold more, then keeping at it again. Then knowing when maybe the path is leading you to some thing completely new, the thing we have been working on, just a practice for skills we need to learn, then, we keep at it…again.

    I’m slowly trying to learn this..hehe.

    Loved the photo!!


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