Going for it…again

Going for it

Among the lessons I have learned this summer after losing my mom, the most important one I think is how precious life really is.
Understanding the value or rather the worth of a single day; knowing some dreams are not to be forgotten.

With this in mind and having just realized that November is but a few weeks away I feel once more the urge to participate in NaNoWriMo. Granted the past two attempts resulted in my failure to meet the set goal of writing about 1700 words a day. Still I know this is something I want to do and I’ll keep going for it until I succeed…Just call me stubborn 🙂

I wanted to share this news with all of you dear friends and see if you would be tempted to join in…We could have some fun together…or may be not,,since we’ll be busy writing our back sides off. What do you say?

PS: Wondering if the dog in the photograph is mine? No it is not. I just could not help myself and got to take his photo as he was having the time of his life running in the river. 


  1. Good for you and good luck to you …. and I love that Michael Jackson quote – so true .. there is people out there that change the everyday for so many in need, but not enough … we should really make one thing happen per day. A thing that change something for somebody else.


  2. Whenever I read about NaNoWriMo I think “next year I join in”. Well, another year has gone by, and I’m afraid I won’t be in. (I seem to be stubborn on that one). I just don’t see how and when to fit it in, and it would be just more pressure. So, perhaps next year…
    The photo is beautiful, so full of life and joy. Dogs can do that – and it just needs water and a stick.


  3. I am participating in NaNoWriMo again this year! Perhaps we can be writing ‘buddies’ within their website. Or email each other and share some encouragement…whatever it takes.


  4. I wanna hug that dog and share some of it’s love of life vibe it gives off!!!
    All the best for the NaNoWriMo Anyes!!
    I don’t have a novel to write…so I guess I won’t be participating, BUT will be cheering you on!! Keep us updated 🙂


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