Nature walks

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.
John Muir

Nature walks

Sometimes the only thing I need is a nice long walk to commune with nature
Slowly and mindful, allowing myself to fill up my senses with the beauty around me
Soaking up the sun-rays and recharging my emotional self while talking with a friend
Nothing fancy, just a simple surprise treat giving me everything I need Β πŸ™‚

Do you also enjoy nature walks, dear friends? alone or with someone? Come on you can tell me


  1. Your words are such a beautiful accompaniment to this photograph. I’ve never been one for walking in nature and hiking in the woods, but there are times, when I do this, generally with a friend and I can feel peace and serenity surround me.


  2. Such a beautiful image, Anyes.
    Yes, I do love walks in nature, both on my own and with a friend. Especially with one very close friend – we’re both “birders” and we just love to go into the underbrush and wherever we suspect some birds to be. But I also enjoy walks on my own.


  3. Yes! I enjoy walks outdoors, especially in the woods. There is something so renewing about it, that connection to nature and mystery and the source of life. Good for the soul.


  4. I love it when I go for my morning walks and it is just that perfect combination of a cool morning with a breeze, few cars on the road and seeing the trees along the way…and I do so love that you have the opportunity to have different seasons to change your views during your walks…that’s a wonderful gift I feel! Thank you for sharing it with us! πŸ™‚


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