In search of inspiration


I can already feel it in my gut…the excitement, the thrill of trying just once more…

On November 1st I will see, if this time, I can achieve the high reaching goal of 50,000.00 words
While waiting, I am sharpening all my senses searching for inspiration, trying to see, to remember
My walk in the forest brought me so much, the sounds, the smells, the general feel of it.
Camera in hand, my eyes were also helping me see the details. well. hidden.

It feels like the beginning of a treasure hunt and I am searching for my treasure buried deep within…

Come on and join 🙂


  1. Yay!! Can’t wait for you to take us on your journey! All the best Anyes!!
    I may decide to join this November writing thing too…but on a different platform and different way…blogging everyday!
    Let’s see how that turns


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