Running wild

Ideas running

I could not help myself and had to choose this photograph to illustrate my point. Much like this river’s waters the ideas in my head are running wild churning up, down and sideways, with barely any directions; giving me this overwhelming feeling of helplessness.

The self-induced pressure combined with the memories of last year failure unsuccessful attempt, are a lethal combination when it comes to letting the creative juices flow. I had to do something about it, to find a way to harness those wild thoughts of mine.  So I did it…again…

I got myself a nice little note pad, pen included, fitting neatly in my purse to be carried with me at all times.  It is allowing me to jot down anything that comes to mind at the most awkward moments. While at it I also am using it to figure out how to outline my novel. I had never thought of doing it like this or even like this, and reading those articles gave me lots of inspiration…

I am hoping that the “third time is the charm” rule will apply this year and wonder if this notepad of mine will save the day 😉


  1. I have found that letting my mind run free and wild takes me to places I would never have had the courage to go. I do worry that my mind won’t come back – but so far it has returned.
    And the notebooks are a wonderful idea.


  2. The fact that you keep doing this — whether your reach completion or not is inspiring…I love how prepared you are this year in ways that you weren’t previously. Love the “can do” spirit Anyes! xo


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