Broken and Stronger


After a two months absence, I am writing once more amongst my friends from Vision and Verb also posted below

It’s been a long while since I last wrote here. As most of you know only a few months ago I lost my mother and going through this life changing event almost broke me. There were those weeks where even breathing was difficult, still time granted me its slow and healing touch and here I am with you today. Both broken inside, and stronger at the same time.

I find myself now, with this powerful sense of urgency. My inner whisper shouts:”Go, chase your dream”. If ever I felt there was a time limit to my pursuit before, I now know for a fact how painfully true this reality is. So chasing my dream I go.

Full     Speed    Ahead.

In retrospect I have to say I have been changed at the core on so many levels. I am now finding Focus where before there was only the blurred shapes of a vague project. This perceived time constraint I now place myself under, is giving me a laser beam sight. I tackle what needs to be done much faster and get to do it without losing time debating or even procrastinating (this was a big issue with me before).

The truth of it is, had someone told me I would find this kind of concentration so early after my mom’s passing I would never have believed them. Yet looking back, I can see how much it has impacted my every move. A friend of mine told me her passing would be a life changing event. At the time I thought I understood it. I was wrong.

Only now do I fully realize and understand how much it did in fact, change everything in my life. Most of all I find myself even stronger for having gone through this tremendous pain feeling all of its stabbing tortures and heartfelt aches.

The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel was waiting for me and is now shining right and bright. Writing has been quite a lifesaver in so many ways. Having my camera always by my side was also necessary to help me keep seeing the beauty of everyday life without her.



  1. I’m so glad to hear this Anyes. And very true…every word you say. Sometimes we do need focus, we need that time constraints..not to over take us in life, but to help us.


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