Become who you are…

First publish March 11, 2010 this post is dear to my heart; 

This Friedrich Nietzsche quote, says it all. The whole  purpose of our journey here is to eventually “become who we are”. Even if it  often feels like we are following a path into the unknown.

The Path

I am still on that long endless road, and now around the bend I see a crossroad showing itself in the distance.

Which way do I go? What is my next step?

I guess asking myself those questions is the beginning.  I will just have to take comfort in knowing that in time the answer will come.

Fast forward 3 1/2 years…I have the answer ...


  1. The Nietzsche quote goes to the core of living. We don’t know the answer, we don’t know the road we take before we do it. But we do get more insight under this journey that is called life. Beautiful post!


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