With me after all

Her Dahlia

Some you dear friends know my mother passed away on her 74th birthday just a few months ago.

I have had a very hard time adjusting to it all, yet lately I find myself with a renewed sense of peace

On the very first evening of NaNoWriMo, I fell asleep sensing as if she was hugging me tight, and felt so safe.

A few days after I saw this Dahlia blooming on its own, even posted it on my Instagram account, it turns out  it was her favourite flower

I guess after all these years, she is with me after all, cheering me on

23 comments on “With me after all

  1. I’m so glad you felt the warm embrace of love as heaven sent you a dahlia:)
    You’re so much loved. So much held and enjoyed and delighted in.
    I hope the beautiful peace you feel grows and graces you further,


  2. she will always be near by….in the form of a flower, a butterfly, a hummingbird, even a smell….so that she can grab your attention and make sure you know that she’s “there….here” beside you. with you. near you. surrounding you…always.


  3. So beautiful and moving. I believe there are miracles and whispers of the divine around us every day, it’s only a matter of if we are awake to them. I’m sure your mother is pleased that you feel the ways she is trying to be near you.


  4. You knew and we all knew that you would reach this point…it probably seemed like it would never happen…and then it did. Because you had faith and you believed and spirit finds us when we’re ready. So, so beautiful Anyes xo


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