Noise on my window

Against my window

The music the wind makes with its partner the rain, is keeping me company this week-end

Beating against my window with their November beat, those crazy rain drops are as wild as ever

Joining this weather band, I am typing my story’s words on my keyboard for the rhythm section πŸ™‚

Tell me dear friend, which music will you be listening to this coming week-end?



  1. that picture looks like one of those hidden pictures that if you stare at it long enough you will see something….
    the wind and rain…here it is the cold that keeps me company…bitter cold tonight…
    i listened to the marching band at the game tonight…
    i would not mind listening to the new jack johnson…


  2. I hope to be listening to rain – and expect to be listening to wind as it sucks every last bit of moisture from the ground.
    Have a wonderful weekend. And congratulations on the steadily growing word count.


  3. That photo is stunning! I laugh every day at radiation- I never request them to change the music they play and I am surprised each time. Clearly, someone with a fancy for the oldies was ahead of me and I felt like being at a wedding dance with polka’s and waltzes all around.


  4. Hmmm…I’m not sure Anyes. I’m thinking a little Sarah Brightman..or some Secret Garden πŸ˜€
    Love the picture I get…cozy room, fire in the fireplace. rain outside, a hot drink, all comfy in your writer’s chair and tapping away at your novel πŸ™‚
    Have a great creative weekend, Anyes!


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