It’s messy in there


With this story taking a life of its own, I find myself having bursts of ideas
Coming out of nowhere at the most inopportune time,
Having to capture them on my notebook is vital even if not always possible,

Trying my best to keep a credible story line…so far so good

Apologizing for the short posts and the strange visuals :/

Hoping you are doing well dear friends, I miss you lots…I do


  1. I can totally relate! While doing laundry this morning I had one of those flashes and had to drop everything and get it written down. Happy writing!


  2. Apologies unnecessary – we are all so happy for you that you are committed to this and carrying on passionately with your work. Love the photograph and that you used your own words/quote to accompany it…your creative brain is exploding everywhere! 🙂


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