Winter, Let’s be friends

Friends with Winter

In life, it’s all about giving it another try…



  1. Just lovely. I too am making friends with winter, and admiring the beauty in ice crystals on windows and softly falling snow. I am SO happy to be back here visiting at your delightful blog my dear, because any computer troubles I had when here earlier this year are gone.. hooray! Warmest wishes for a wonderful 2014, and I am looking forward to many more visits.
    Happy hugs, Gina xo


    1. Knowing that your computer is going better is already letting me know that this brand New Year is starting well 🙂

      I am delighted to see you here and wishes you much joy, peace and happiness on this first day of the year. Hugs to you Gina xo


  2. my bones and muscles care not for the cold of winter, but the winter visuals of snow and ice feed my soul. and since I live in an area where there are the four seasons, what choice do I have but to make friends with winter, that or be grumpy for too many months! I love the subdued light surrounding your beautiful town. I am considering my word for 2014; I’ll post it with the new year.


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