All you need is…Love

Snowy Day

Whether be it the love of the ones around you or the love of what you are doing
I’ve come to realize that LOVE simply is the fuel that makes us all go forward
So in these coming days of transition and reflection, I am taking this time
to wish YOU dear friends, much love in all its forms


  1. Thank you Anyes. This makes me think that perhaps I could consider the 52 (or is it 54) weeks in the coming year and name a different kind of love or person or place or thing in nature I love for each of those weeks. In any event, you’re right, it ought to be important to us to have that many references for love.


  2. Anyes, your heart is so big and gentle … so true we can’t get enough of love .. doesn’t matter what form and shapes it comes in – so long as it’s given honestly and sincere. Thanks for the love coming my way, I will cherish it.


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