Feeling a strong sense of connection with everything and everyone, lately
A new reality is slowly emerging filled with approval and encouragement, allowing me to go forward.
I keep being more aware and conscious of how connected we all are, it feels me with awe and wonder
Still struggling to put it all into words, and feeling a bit awkward to write about it here
Do you also feel a new sense of connection recently? or am I dreaming? Be honest, I’d love to know…

18 comments on “Connected

  1. I don’t feel too connected either…I think …no I feel…I need to either do something..or maybe not…to feel this sense of connection. I don’t know, Anyes…but I hope to one day 🙂


  2. I do feel connected – with family, with old friends and new, with fellow travelers we’re meeting on the road, and very sweetly with online friends such as yourself. It’s as real as having them near – perhaps because I love words and communicating in the written form, as well as stories and pictures = and we share all that as bloggers, don’t we? So happy you’re feeling a bubbling over of that = what a nice way to end one year and start another.


  3. It’s about being connected with ourselves first, right? I love that you’re feeling more and more connected Anyes, and really, whether others feel it or not – you know it’s real for YOU. What a delicious way to start the new year! xoxo


  4. Yes, I sense this connection, too, as we share our stories, for in that sharing I find we are all in that same web, as your image illustrates.

    But when I don’t take the time to hear others, when I retreat into myself and think I am all alone, I loose that connectedness.


  5. You’re not dreaming. Or perhaps it’s all a dream and we are all dreaming. Either way it’s a good good way to be in the world – this connectedness that engenders help and caring for all life. It fills me with awe and wonder too.
    Hugs to you dear friend, and many blessings for the new year


  6. Hi Anyes. I’m not feeling especially connected at the moment but it _is_ a feeling I’m familiar with. It is something that comes to me when I’ve been more consistent with my meditation practice. More specifically, with “metta” practice. Which reminds me, I must go and meditate now… 😀


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