Still learning

Tree drops

Thanks to my friend Barbara who shared this powerful read
my brain is now in hyper mode, thinking about the strength of vulnerability.
I am still learning and the very thought of being vulnerable is tearing my insides up.
Any thoughts of that dear friends?


  1. Easily my favorite quote (for now, at least) is from Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones, and although I can’t remember it verbatim it goes something to the effect of: “Armor yourself with [your weakness] and no one can ever hurt you with it.”
    Vulnerability is what you make of it, really.


  2. It’s always worth it. Don and I practiced with each other for years, and more recently have taken that out to the wider world. It’s scary but very freeing.


  3. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and to show that is some of the greatest courage we can express. And I believe it is completely worth it.


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