Winter’s Beauty

Winter Sun in branches
The absence of colour makes me rejoice it even more when it appears in the form of a cold ray of sunlight
Leave-less branches turning upwards asking for warmth to heat their limbs
This desolate beauty still captures my heart as I wait patiently for Spring colours to re-appear

This year however, I am giving Winter another chance so I choose to learn to like it.
I can’t help but wonder, what about you dear friends, how do you view Winter?


  1. I love winter too …. but this with everything in sepia is getting at me now – got snow today and I hope it stays … give me sunshine and frost, please. You see the beautiful even in the grayest of days – you have a magical eye, Anyes.


  2. I’m about to go to New Zealand, partly to escape winter. I don’t like being cold, and I do see the beauty in it. This year we’ve had it colder than most other years, and also milder now – so I remind myself I really don’t have much to complain about. I’m aware it would be a good thing for me to embrace winter more – but really, I’m at my best when I’m warm.


  3. I love winter (even in the Northeast USA). It IS beautiful…it’s crisp and clear and refreshing. A new snowfall is a fresh start. I love to venture out with my snowshoes and walk where no other being has ever been. It’s amazing… I love winter!


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