Vitamin for my soul

Bright Light

The wonders of seeing the sun and the joy it brings my heart on this sunny winter day.
Another week-end is almost here and I wish it to be filled with sunny nature walks and lots of fresh air 🙂



  1. How I’ve missed my visits here. And to come on the very day you share my favorite thing- sunshine- feels like a gift to me.Thankful for you Anyes! Hugs to you~


  2. Anyes, I love the sun, too. But at the moment I see it a bit different here in my corner of the world. We haven’t had any rain; everything is bone dry here. Our governor just declared an emergency for California – I was wondering why he waited so long. I’m longing for the rain… it would be bliss right now.
    Have a wonderful weekend, and if you haven’t seen the sun for a while I hope you will have sunny days. I’d love to send it up to you, and we get your rain. I wish we could do an easy exchange like that for a few weeks.


  3. Anyes, I needed your photo here … haven’t seen the sun for over 6 weeks now … I miss is SO!!!!! Got snow today. – something to smile about. Have a pleasant weekend.


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