Days of Winter

Frozen Fountain

I’ve been so quiet here, I know…
I am slowly getting back into the thick of things
You see, life recently taught me some hard lessons, so I am busy learning a lot
This Year of the Horse just started, is already making its presence felt everywhere around me.
So while most of me wants to crawl into a ball and wait it out, I know good is bound to come out of all this.

Winter often feels like a very quiet season yet this year for me it is filled with movement,
How about for you dear friend are those Winter days, quiet or busy ?



  1. So sorry you are going through some difficult times and I sure hope you are able to work your way through it all. This time of year is always the hardest for me…searching for inspiration, looking for color in a world of white…while feeling tired and unmotivated…plus I’m fighting a horrible cold. But spring will come, it always does.


  2. I was wondering where you had disappeared to. I hope things start to look up for you soon. You’re right — some good has to come out of it.

    When I was in the North, winter was my slow season, partly due to the depression that came with it like clockwork. But since I’ve moved to the South, it’s weird to have spring weather during months I associate with heavy snowfall. So I suppose you could say it’s been kind of busy this year, since I can go outside and accomplish things.


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