Light in the sky

Yesterday’s evening howling winds cleaned up the sky and this morning’s bedroom view looks stunning.
Slowly starting to feel a shift in energy after this whole month of feeling drained, exhausted and powerless.
I feel like I have let my blog down the past two weeks and the truth of it is, I could not get myself to post anything

Transformation is my word for this year and suffice to say, it’s already been showing me how powerful it is.
Changes in my work environment, after about 6 weeks of renovations leading to a brand new desk location πŸ™‚
Changes in my diet with the continued presence of my greens smoothies, and a much-needed awareness of my blood pressure

Changes are everywhere this year…What about you dear friend? Any changes in your everyday life?



  1. Oh Anyes…I’m feeling what you’ve been feeling…and it’s like walking in a fog…
    I *still* haven’t sat myself down and asked myself the question…but I feel it’s coming to a stage of “something that cannot not be done!” I’m hoping for a quiet evening to do it today πŸ™‚
    Glad you are back too πŸ™‚


  2. Every moment of every day has seemed to bring change, but I’m not nearly constant in being attuned to it; I think I’m tuning in again to the flow after a long time of sort of coasting. Hope you’re ‘waking up’, too, my dear!


  3. Well, I do seem to take those amazing views πŸ˜‰ change is what I need & I’m glad to have read a post I could’ve written word for word! winter sometimes wears off the strongest & this time it took the best of me…
    But as of today, my food plan will change for the better and that usually settles my lifestyle.
    Thanks for these words of encouragement!


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