Puddle beauty

Puddle Beauty

This kind of beauty is going to be around for the next two-week or so…
I guess I’d better start looking and find my pretty gum boots 😉

Tell me dear friends, do you remember the last time you ever jumped with joy, into a big puddle?
Care to share here with me how much fun it was?


  1. I prefer to watch big puddles from afar. The last time I ‘jumped with joy’ in one was after dizzily coming out from my first ever experience in a Finnish sauna in the woods. The big puddle turned out to be a freezing cold lake and I lost my glasses and my breath for 5 whole minutes and if not for the quick reaction of a German guy (another Erasmus exchange student) who carried me -the lunatic- out, I would still be living in that big puddle. But hey, your puddle seems friendlier.


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