Almost here

Crocuses and dead leaves
A casual walk in the park to go and chase after my dreams, heart opened the right way,
Feeling the cool afternoon wind on my cheeks I think I see it

Almost invisible at first I am already doubting this persistent soft whisper I hear
Still stubborn as always, I keep on going and there I see it again
Last rain drops so heavy on its petals, alive and bursting with colours,
I know I did not dream it…

Spring is almost here

Tell me dear friends, any signs of Spring out on your side of the world?


  1. We had +16C today just outside Stocholm … and we haven’t had a week in total with snow … no sunshine until yesterday for nearly 3 months – and flooding everywhere. Mother Nature is kicking back!


  2. This is usually the time of year I go crocus-hunting, but I don’t live in the PNW anymore (for now). I love finding the patches of them in my parent’s yard, and looking at all the different colors. 🙂


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