Almost here

Crocuses and dead leaves
A casual walk in the park to go and chase after my dreams, heart opened the right way,
Feeling the cool afternoon wind on my cheeks I think I see it

Almost invisible at first I am already doubting this persistent soft whisper I hear
Still stubborn as always, I keep on going and there I see it again
Last rain drops so heavy on its petals, alive and bursting with colours,
I know I did not dream it…

Spring is almost here

Tell me dear friends, any signs of Spring out on your side of the world?

20 comments on “Almost here

  1. We had +16C today just outside Stocholm … and we haven’t had a week in total with snow … no sunshine until yesterday for nearly 3 months – and flooding everywhere. Mother Nature is kicking back!


  2. This is usually the time of year I go crocus-hunting, but I don’t live in the PNW anymore (for now). I love finding the patches of them in my parent’s yard, and looking at all the different colors. 🙂


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