Choosing hope


The rain is slowly falling; the trees still leave-less make me wonder about the change of season,
yet deep inside I hope.
I heard that Spring is back and with it the promise of more light; the one I miss, the kind that warms my soul.
Even if this Winter was very mild, I have to say I am ready for colourful flowers and for joyous birds songs.

Already a whole week I’ve been away from my blog and I can tell you: I don’t know where the time went?!
My only excuse is that I was quite busy and a bit preoccupied; many things on my mind…
I also neglected to take my trusty camera out with me which in turn let me search in vain for new photos to post.
I hope you will forgive me dear friend; Do come visit again and make yourself at home here with me 🙂



Talk to me, I am listening :-)

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