Feeling blessed

River in Spring

Green being my favourite colour, is it any wonder that Spring happens to be my favourite season? Yet every year, its arrival still surprises me…
The simple fact Spring keeps showing up time and time again, right after Winter’s done always makes my heart sing and dance…
So even if right at this moment, the weather is a bit confused; Sun, rain, wind and sun again within a few hours of each other…
I am enjoying every minute of this spectacle. Nature is waking up from its deep slumber and I am slowly waking up with her.

Tell me dear friend, what does Spring look like in your neck of the woods?


  1. Over here it’s 2 weeks early … and we are not complaining. *smile – have done a post about my Spring. Beautiful image, Anyes.


  2. Green is my favorite color also Anyes, and here in my part of Kentucky, everything is the beautiful spring green that I love so much. We are having “blackberry winter” which is a short season we go thru when the blackberry bushes start to bud, and the weather goes from sunshine to thunderstorms and flooding, but it is brief, and spring will return for a few weeks before summer takes over.


  3. That’s exactly what spring looked like when I was growing up, and like you, it always surprised me when it came around. I enjoy late spring more, because then all the colors have finally settled in and there’s no more slush and snow to make my shoes soggy. 🙂

    Out here, spring looks like a hotter winter. A few trees have leaves coming back, but for the most part everything looks the same as it did when I moved here last fall.


      • That’s what I truly miss about the North — even if I didn’t care much for the season, I knew I could watch it pass into something more pleasant.
        You’re an eternal romantic who I’m living vicariously through. 😉 Your pictures always make me feel like I’m in my parent’s back yard again, and I can’t tell you how much I love it.


        • You are more than welcome back in your parents back yard anytime…I always imagine living in different places and I have to be honest I do not know how i would manage if the weather and nature did not change too much.
          The only way I could justify that would be by the beach, give me an vast ocean with giant salty waves and I’m yours…well, you know what I mean 😉


          • Haha, the beach is one of few things I honestly enjoy about the South! 😀
            When I moved from Washington to Arizona (the land of eternal summer), it was really weird seeing all the flowers bloom in the fall, and the sun shine throughout the winter. The only way to tell the seasons were changing was from the drop in temperature.
            I can see why some people like it, but it’s not for me.


          • Eternal Summer could be boring…For some reason I fear an eternal summer would make me not want to move anymore…I’d become a lizard and spend my days on a stone wall gathering heat…Scary thought don’t you think?


          • That’s pretty much what happened, until I became too restless. Part of it also was moving from a tiny mountain town to a giant desert city… There were a few times I would drive for a couple of hours and hike for a couple hours more just to see something other than buildings and look for a little piece of home in the different mountains.
            But yes, eternal summer is *extremely* boring.


          • That must have been quite a tough transition. No wonder you felt a bit restless.
            Are you excited with the new prospect coming your way…That sounds exciting!
            Change is happening everywhere this year don’t you think?


          • I’m excited and a little apprehensive — it always takes me a while to adapt to new things.
            Change is definitely on the horizon; I can feel it. It feels like static and it makes my heart beat faster. We’ll see where this year takes us. 🙂


          • Deep breaths…focus on joy and let go of apprehension…Trust that it will all be OK. You are an amazing girl E, and the faster beat of your heart is sign that you’re on the right path…right out of your comfort zone 😉
            Where success is usually found xo


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