Thursday’s Thoughts

Open Tulip

April is gone and May is arriving today. The way this year is going, I know it will be quite a ride.
So I am opening myself to the possibilities, I am learning to accept and to trust.
My inner whisper is softly guiding me to this place deep within where light exists and where fear is no more.

New projects arriving my way helping me forget put aside, what I do not wish to remember

Hoping this month of May will bring me good the news I am waiting for and in the meantime trying my best to enjoy the ride


  1. Anyes, you images are so beautiful …. and it comes from your soul …. the camera doesn’t think for you. So I hope of all my heart that May will gentle to you and that you will have your changes for the better – and also that it stays with you.


  2. Creating the sort of self I will live happily with is a work in progress. An aspiration as it were.
    Good luck with your journey – and thank you for the tulip. Pristine perfection.


  3. Peace to you, and hopes that you will enjoy the ride. I have all confidence that you will, because you will remain Far Away In The Sunshine, where all is good.


  4. Yes. I send hopes and energy your way. Yes – put aside what you do not wish to remember. Great line. Sending peace……


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