How about that :-)

Tulips and rains drops

This learning to love yourself business is a lot harder than it seems at first glance…
Don’t you think?



  1. Very, very hard. Some days I don’t even like myself, much less love myself. However, I do manage to always love others. I am not certain why the theory is that I have to be able to love me to love anyone else. Does anyone know? Not loving anchovies doesn’t stop me loving tomatoes for example…


  2. It *is* much more difficult than the self-love gurus make it sound, especially because one day you’re totally at peace with yourself and the next you don’t know where you went wrong… It’s messy, but then again, I think all love is kind of messy.


  3. Yes, I agree … but if we don’t start with be able to love ourselves, because how will we be able to love others otherwise????? We can’t live or love through another person.


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