The call of the dark

The call of the dark

A dark abyss has been whispering my name every day for a long while now. Its tempting call lures me into thinking I belong there.
I know better though as I remember the pain and its sharp stabs in my heart and in my soul
It’s a battle I am fighting with myself; a battle with this dark abyss summoning me daily, so tempting and so familiar
I’ve been there not so long ago and this time I choose not to heed to its powerful invitation!
Writing this is making it easy yet I know this very battle has to be fought daily and the coming months are promising to be a challenge
For a while dear friends, if you choose too keep coming here you’ll see me at my most vulnerable
I want to keep writing as I know it is giving me this light I am craving and I know the light will be saving me,


  1. I am here with you, Anyes. I know it´s hard when this happens, but for some time now, I´ve been trying a different strategy and it works. Instead of struggling against it, I try to accept them:, “well, here is this feeling again” I say to myself, and then I ask my fears or my anger or anything that comes to meet me and makes me feel uneasy: why are you here?, what are you trying to telling me?, what do you want from me?, this has made a huge difference in the way I used to approach those circumstances. There are a few readings that have helped me to learn how to do that. If you want to talk about this please write me via facebook. Much Love xx


  2. (hug) That’s what being a community is all about — we’re here to help you at your most vulnerable. 🙂
    Much love, Anyes.


  3. When doing a meditation challenge recently, I was struck by the idea that one can surrender in our moments of darkness, making room for the light to find its way in. This in no way is the same thing as giving up. Then I found this, a great explanation of what it looks and feels like to surrender. Be kind to yourself, you know the way.
    Here’s how to know the difference between surrendering and giving up:

    1. Surrender keeps you connected. It may involve painful decisions but you can still feel a sense of peace, and a connection with your truth. Giving up feels shallow, reactive, or incomplete inside.

    2. Surrender is a decision. When you surrender, you remain engaged. You step in and chose your role in a situation. Giving up is not so much a decision as a way out.

    3. Surrender is drama-free. Giving up nearly always involves dramatic exasperation and blame on outside people or circumstances. Surrender needs no fanfare. It makes itself known only through its undeniable clarity.

    Surrender doesn’t mean you’re weak or you didn’t try. It means you’ve tried all you can and you’re consciously choosing to let go.

    You’ll find grace, humor and expansion there.

    Even among crouching tigers.
    – See more at:


  4. ‘Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch and work: You don’t give up.’ Anne Lammott.



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