There is this awful scream waiting by the shore of my lips wanting to escape free
The stinging waters in my eyes wanting to flow out and run down my cheeks

So why can’t I scream? So why can’t I cry?

I am learning to tame this pain nestled in my gut, twisting and turning not letting me sleep
One moment at a time, one word at a time, one photograph at a time

I write here and it feels better. I walk with my camera and I feel better
This photograph I shot the day you left is speaking to me, telling me to reflect and to stay strong

So here I am writing, hurting and learning to accept the pain and its dark shadowy figure without giving in…


  1. I am so sorry. You are incredibly strong and releasing the pain inside will help you to heal. Speak out loud the words you wanted to say before they left.


  2. You can let out the scream and the tears and still be strong. The greatest strength is in vulnerability. Allowing it will cleanse you. The way through is the way out.


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